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  • Type: Natural Disaster
  • Location: Australia
Economic Impact
  • 10000000000 USD
Human Impact
  • Deaths: 35
  • Injured: 0
  • Missing: 0
  • Displaced: 200000
Resources Needed
  • financial aid
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Queensland Floods 2010




The 2010 Pakistan Floods occurred in late 2010 and are attributed to heavy monsoon rains in the region. The rain was among the heaviest recorded in the region compared to floods in 1988, 1995 and 1997. By the end of the disaster, the death toll was recorded at over 1500 and had affected about 20 million people. The countries agriculture suffered greatly due to the flooded countryside. Power lines and thousands of transformers were also out of service. The flood also created very unsanitary conditions for many and officials warned that many were left without safe drinking water. The countries infrastructure damage was estimated to be over 4 Billion dollars and had destroyed over 5 million jobs. There was a large response for relief from many other countries including the US. Hillary Clinton had personally donated $10 in order to encourage others to donate to the relief effort. She also suggested to Pakistan to raise it's tax base on it's wealthy individuals to help with reconstruction. UN officials asked for about $540 million dollars, this was believed to be what was needed for adequate relief, they have achieved about one fifth that amount.

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