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  • Type: Natural Disaster
  • Location: CA, United States of America
Economic Impact
  • 1000000000 USD
Human Impact
  • Deaths: 9
  • Injured: 0
  • Missing: 0
  • Displaced: 0
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California Wildfires




The California Wildfires refer to a series of wildfires in southern California in October of 2007. It's estimated that 1500 homes and 500,000 acres of land were burned in the fires. Nine people are counted to have died and dozens injured. During the incident, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in several counties, President Bush reciprocated. Organizations that responded to the disaster include the US Armed Force, the National Guard and FEMA. The causes for the fire is attributed to the long going drought in the area and the strong Santa Ana winds. Given the dry conditions it didn't take much to incite small fire into a regional wildfire. One fire was attributed to a child playing with matches. Due to the fires, about one millions people were displaced from where they live. Also the fires created a health hazard due to the poor air quality from all the smoke. Several areas were without power due to the damage to the power lines.

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